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How UPS Works
Sep 27, 2018

       Regarding the working principle of UPS, many people should have a vague concept, which is not very clear. What is the specific working principle? And for users who use UPS, it is necessary to understand how it works. Today we will introduce in detail the knowledge about the working principle of UPS.

       The working principle of UPS uninterruptible power supply is simple and not simple. It is not difficult to say that it is difficult. Let's take the blog power supply as an example. Let's talk about its working principle:

       AC-DC conversion: The AC power from the power grid is stepped down by an autotransformer, full-wave rectified, and filtered into a DC voltage for supply to the inverter circuit. The AC-DC input has a soft-start circuit to avoid the impact on the grid when it is turned on.

DC-AC inverter circuit: It adopts high-power IGBT module full-bridge inverter circuit, which has a large power margin. The output impedance is extremely small in the output dynamic range and has fast response characteristics. Due to the use of high-frequency modulation current limiting technology and fast short-circuit protection technology, the inverter can work safely and reliably whether it is a supply voltage transient or a load shock or short circuit.

       Control drive: Control drive is the core of complete machine function control. In addition to providing detection, protection, synchronization and various switch and display drive signals, it also completes SPWM sinusoidal pulse width modulation control due to static and dynamic dual voltage feedback. . The dynamic characteristics and stability of the inverter are greatly improved.

       But UPS power supplies include three types, online, backup and online interactive. Each type of UPS works differently. Here, online and backup are used as examples to talk about how they work.

       The working principle of the online UPS is that the input mains is rectified and filtered, and on the other hand, it becomes pure 50Hz and 220V AC voltage output after being inverted; on the other hand, the battery is charged by the charger output DC, when the mains is interrupted. The battery pack is inverted by the inverter circuit into 220V, 50Hz AC output, zero-time automatic conversion, effectively ensuring the output of the uninterrupted power supply, comprehensively solve the power failure in the mains, and provide high-level power protection, suitable for In the protection of critical systems and important data, it is widely used in data centers, large networks, industrial systems (finance, post and telecommunications, hospitals, electric power, aerospace, military, etc.). The backup UPS is directly output by the bypass switch when the utility power is supplied. Only when the utility power is cut off, the battery pack is inverted by the inverter circuit into an AC circuit output of 220V and 50Hz. Ideal for protecting a single PC or workstation, it can solve three major failures in common power failures, including power interruptions, voltage sags, and voltage surges.