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Inferior Data Lines Cannot Provide Stable Transmission And Fast Charging
Apr 14, 2018

Mobile phones have become an indispensable electronic product in our lives. Devices such as tablet PCs are also becoming popular. Charging them becomes more important. The most troublesome thing to do when charging is the extremely slow charging speed, and the slowest possible data line may be the slow down of your charging speed. It is especially important to buy a good data line so that you don’t lose the chain at a critical moment!

In most cases, the cables inside the data cable are: red is positive, black is negative, white and green are data lines, and the outer shield is ground. The red and black lines are responsible for charging, the white and green lines are responsible for transmitting data, and the shielding layer provides a more stable connection.

Although the appearance of different data lines does not seem to be a big difference, there are indeed quite a few gaps in the interior of different cables, which will greatly affect users' use. A good cable can be normally identified as USB2.0, and the file will be transferred at a faster speed. The inferior cable will be identified as USB1.0. The transmission speed is extremely slow. Some cottage data lines cannot even recognize the mobile phone.

In addition, the difference in data, we use the actual test to see the effect of different cables. The remaining power of the phone is 20%. The same charger is used for charging. A good data line can reach a charging current of 2.1 A, while a cottage data line can only reach a current of 1.25. The charging speed is only half that of a good data line. It will double and inefficient.

Therefore, poor quality data lines cannot provide stable transmission and fast charging. Please select the data cable from regular manufacturers.