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Inside The Data Line Industry Is Unknown
Apr 24, 2018

I do not know if you usually have found that outside the informal small shops or goods to buy back the data line, the appearance is good-looking, but not practical, and some did not take a few days to be broken, and some charge the phone What are the reasons why these data lines have so many undesirable phenomena? I work for you in the data line factory to interpret the secret for you.

Data line factories generally purchase the electronic lines used in the data lines in large quantities. The price of the electronic lines is also varied. The price of the electronic line is then compared to understand the general quality.

Secondly, according to the standard parameters of the electronic wire, the quality of the electronic wire can also be judged. Manufacturers of common electronics should understand that the electronic wire of the UL standard should not be too different from the market, because the electronic standards must comply with the corresponding standards. The number of squares and the environmental rating index, so that the cost of the production of electronic lines is entirely not a big difference!

So why are there electronic wires with widely different prices on the market? How did they do it? According to the engineers of the data line factory, the price and conductor standards of the electronic wire produced by these manufacturers are totally unreasonable. They are careful to go offline and save costs by using copper wire conductor parameters. This is not too much of a supplier. It is an unscrupulous trader, then the structure of the copper wire conductor inside is: a series of conductor structures such as copper clad copper, copper clad aluminum, copper clad steel, etc. The unit price of the natural electronic wire is a difference of more than half, so these unscrupulous merchants have a lot of inferior quality. Electronic line play price advantage flood the market, resulting in UL standard electronic line in the market there are many different price criticism!