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IPhone XS MAX Can't Charge Bugs Again, You Have No Tricks
Oct 04, 2018

Recently, users who have purchased iPhoneXS Max have left a message in the official Apple community, indicating that their iPhoneXS Max has not been charged when it is plugged into the Lightning line several times. After manually lighting the screen, you can continue charging. The poster claimed that he was using Apple's original data cable, so he doubted whether it was a charging interface problem or a system software problem.

As of the official community of Apple as of October 1, 108 people have reported the same problem.
Video blogger Unbox Therapy's 9 iPhone devices, including iPhoneX, iPhoneXS, iPhoneXS Max, etc., were tested and found that 6 devices could not be charged properly. The main performances are as follows:


1. When the iPhone is off, the phone cannot be charged when it is turned off, and the screen continues to charge after the screen is turned off;
2. After the charging cable is plugged in, the phone cannot be woken up;
3. The mobile phone cannot be charged regardless of whether the screen is lit or not;
We know that under normal circumstances, when you insert the Lightning cable, the iPhone will beep, the screen will be awakened, and the charging icon will appear in the center of the screen. If you don't pay attention to the charging problem on your iPhone, chances are you Getting up in two days, the phone is not charged at all, it will make people crazy.

Some users said that they have encountered similar problems on the iPhone6sPlus, and iPad Air has encountered this problem after updating iOS12. If you wake up the screen every time you charge, this is actually a very influential user experience. This generation of iPhone has been coping with many problems such as signal and fever, and now it has a charging problem, which is really a headache.