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Is A Mobile Phone Charger With High Current Or Low Current?
Mar 31, 2018

Cell phone battery capacity is basically stereotyped, the battery charging time is closely related to the size of the charging current, at the same charging current, the greater the battery capacity required for the longer charging time, the same reason, the greater the charging current, the more charging time required short.

 If the current that the mobile phone charger can provide is less than the standard current of the original charger, the charging time will have to be prolonged. If the capacity is 1830 mAh as small 6 and the original charger is 1.2 A, then it takes about 4 hours to A completely dead battery is full, and the charger with a smaller current will use longer charging time. If the current is too low, it will not be charged, and you may not notice that the original small 6 battery has a large capacity. There is a 7.0wh, 1830mahah/7.0wh, behind the 7.0wh refers to watt-hours, mah (milliampere-hours) and wh (watt-hours) is the more common two ways to represent the battery capacity, multiplied by mah The battery's rated voltage is equal to wh. Take the example of a small 6 battery as 1.83*3.7=12.81 watt-hour (referring to the electricity consumed per hour). This is the theoretical value of the official logo, and it has no meaning for practical use because everyone plays. The time difference between the machine and the optimization will be very different, so some people will not be able to charge the battery when they are on the screen or play the machine because the low current charger (less than the power consumption of the mobile phone consumes electricity), and if Charger current Small, the battery will charge less than the rated capacity because for a long time and cause damage to the battery (of course, this time can be very long, did not have to search related evaluation data), and is likely to burn out the charger.