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Is It Necessary To Have A Car Charger When The Car Comes With A USB Interface?
Jul 04, 2018

       The on-board chargers on the market can be divided into: Universal Car Chargers and Inverter Chargers

    Universal car charger is low output (5V/9V, etc.), only for mobile phone, tablet, digital products;

    Inverter charger can convert DC12V/24V DC into AC110/220V or even higher AC, which can be used for laptops, mobile phones, navigators and other products.

    Obviously, in most cases, we only need to charge mobile phones, tablet computers, digital products, etc. Therefore, a universal car charger can meet the demand. And compared to the 220V inverter output, the universal car charger is safer and more reliable to use.

Is it necessary to have a car charger?

    Car owners will also find that the car comes with a USB interface, but also can charge the phone. However, most car USB interfaces are designed for data transmission. The current is only 500mA, and the charging efficiency is very low. If you use mobile navigation, the charge is not even enough for navigation. Taking our mobile phone and tablet as an example, the mobile phone is commonly used to charge its specifications at 5V/1A, and the flat panel charger has a specification of 5V/2A. So to achieve faster charging efficiency, a USB car charger with 1A or more output current is the best choice!

    The current car charger design is in the position of the cigarette lighter, many manufacturers introduced a multi-functional car charger: multi-USB interface, even the car charger also comes with a cigarette lighter function. This versatile car charger not only does not affect the function of the car itself, but also expands more functions so that charging, cigarette lighter, and data transmission do not affect each other, which greatly facilitates the use of the car.

Is the car charger safe?

    At present, the car charger is connected to the cigarette lighter. Some people may have doubts about the load capacity of the cigarette lighter interface. In fact, there is no need to worry about it. The fuses of the cigarette lighter interface of general models are all above 10A, and some of them even have a load capacity of more than 20A; while the vehicle supply voltages are all 12V/24V, so the load capacity of the cigarette lighter interface is basically over 120W to deal with 5V. The car charger with output voltage is completely unnecessary to worry about.

    Even if some brands introduce multi-port car chargers for the convenience of users, the cigarette outlets can also be fully qualified. Like the green USB 3-port car charger, its three full-load currents up to 5.8A, 5 * 5.8 = 29w, but also far below 120w.

When designing a car charger, brand manufacturers generally set overload protection, short-circuit protection, over-current protection, and over-temperature protection for the on-board charger to ensure safe use during charging.