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Is The Charging Speed Of Mobile Phone Data Lines Different In Different Lengths?
Apr 10, 2018

Is the charging speed different when the length of the data cable is different? Before the test, we first interviewed the user experience: Mr. Zhang: I think the long cell phone data cable is charging fast and has been using the long line, I feel very fast. And Ms. Li: I think it doesn't seem to have any effect. The only thing that affects the charging speed is that you don't play mobile phones while charging. Each has its own statement and it is not clear who is right or wrong. Next we test it out.

Now, many people will buy more mobile phone data lines to charge their mobile phones at any time. However, the data lines bought by mobile phones are very varied, especially the lengths are very different. The survey found that the use of mobile phone data lines of different lengths to the effect of charging the phone.

Start of the test: We found the same type of IOS system phone and Android system phone. Because the number of mobile phone charging will affect the charging effect, the mobile phones used in this experiment are all new mobile phones. In addition, the power consumption options such as brightness and wireless networking of these mobile phones are also adjusted to the same parameters. We first test the charging speed of different lengths of mobile phone data lines to connect Android mobile phones. We have prepared two data cables of different lengths, one 32 cm long and one 100 cm long, and the mobile engineers will have 24% of the two electricity. The Android phone plugs in the two data lines respectively, and uses the original plug of the mobile phone to plug in the two-ampere power strip to simultaneously charge the two mobile phones for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the Android phone charged with a 32-cm long cable charges 42%, and the Android phone charged with a 100-cm cable only charges 40%.

In order to subdivide the impact of the length of the mobile phone data lines on the charging speed, we have added a data cable to test the iOS system mobile phone. The lengths of the three data lines are 22 cm, 100 cm, and 150 cm, respectively. We plugged in three iOS system phones with 70% battery power and plugged in three data lines, charging them for 30 minutes on a 2-ampere power strip, and then charging the iOS system with a 22-cm-long data cable after 30 minutes. The mobile phone battery power reaches 85%, the iOS system mobile phone charging with 100 cm data cable charges 82%, and the iOS system mobile phone charging with a 150 cm cable is 80%. The results of two experiments showed that, whether it is an Android phone or an iOS system phone, the shorter the data line, the faster the charging speed.

The final result shows that: theoretically speaking, the shorter the length of the mobile data line, the smaller the loss of the wire, the longer the length of the data cable, the greater the resistance, and the same charging speed will be slower. On the contrary, the mobile phone The shorter the data line, the smaller the resistance and the faster the charging.