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Is Your Mobile Phone Data Line The Best?
Apr 17, 2018

When we buy a mobile phone data line in shopping malls such as Taobao and Jingdong, the prices we see are varied, ranging from a few bucks to more than 100. Those who do not understand the market often have no way of starting. Intuition is the price to determine the good and bad of this cell phone data line, often feel expensive is good. Is this not the case? Here, we Yachuang data line manufacturers are very straightforward to tell you: not necessarily, the price can often not distinguish between a good and bad mobile phone data lines, then in the end how to measure its good or bad, following together with our Yachuang Data line manufacturers to explore what happened!

Cellphone data line

One, mainly to see the USB head of the mobile phone data line: USB head material; is composed of plastic core, copper needle, iron shell;

(1) Appearance The material of the iron shell is nickel-plated and it is well plated and will not rust, corrode and destructive gases.

(2) The appearance of injection molding adopts PVC environmental protection compound 60P, and the glossiness is bright, without shrinkage, blistering, deformation and other undesirable phenomena.

Second, pay attention to see the data quality of the wire of the mobile phone data line:

Appearance model with printed USB, 4-core round wire, Jacket material: PVC45P, Material shape: Round, Tensile strength: P, Wire outer diameter: 3.5 (mm), minimum 2.0 (mm), Insulation thickness: 0.2 ( Mm), Product Certification: ISO9001. Softness, feel good.

Description: Color: Black core number: 4 cores, 2 cores, bare copper, multiple twisted types: aluminum foil shield, or over-powder wire.

The above is our schitec data cable manufacturer's 10-year data line production experience summary, don't be deceived again, oh, measure a mobile phone data line is not good or bad, mainly depends on the quality!