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It Is Better To Choose What Kind Of Data Line
May 04, 2018

    Today's mobile phones are becoming more and more intelligent. Although the mobile phones are very smart, the mobile phones have not kept pace. The power consumption of mobile phones is fast, and it is very depressing, especially when entertainment, office, telephone, and use are critical. This has to be said to be a major drawback of the mobile phone, can only make up for it with the data line, the data line can charge the mobile phone to make it continuously, but the general data line charging is also very slow, also can not keep up with the rhythm. In fact, you will not choose to use the data line. I will teach you 3 points of judgment, let you know what kind of data line you choose to use. The data line will also affect the charging speed of your phone. Follow these three methods. Select the data cable to let your phone charge up.

     1, data line interface detection, the same data line if the data line interface quality, socket tightness and the interface material, etc., will affect the phone's charging speed. Because the quality of the data cable's plug terminal is off, you will be very loose when plugged into the mobile phone, which will lead to poor contact between the copper contact pins and the mobile phone jack in the data cable plug. Unstable charging will affect the charging speed, so When buying, be sure to check if the plug is loose.

      2, the thickness of the data line to identify the data line of the wire will directly affect the speed of mobile phone charging. The data line generally has 4 wires for power supply and data transmission. The thicker the wire is, the greater the amount of current that can be carried and the faster the charge, so try to choose a wire with a thick wire diameter.

      3, the length of the data line should not be too long, the standard length of the mobile phone data line is generally 1 meter, of course, this is not fixed, the length of the data line has a long short, the length of the data line will affect the charging of the phone. Many people have the habit of charging while playing mobile phones at home. Many people like the longer the data lines, the better, especially when they are lying in bed and playing with mobile phones. It seems more convenient to use longer data cables, but such a long data line is Will affect the charging speed of the phone. A data cable with the same quality and the same thickness, the longer the length of power consumption will increase, charging will not be so fast. The shorter the data line is, the smaller the power consumption is and the faster the charging speed is. Try to select a data cable that is about 1 meter or shorter and charging will be faster.

Charge faster data lines

    Remembering the above 3 ways of judging, you'll find a faster, better-charging data cable that will allow your phone to fly like a lightning bolt.