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Maximum Support 15W Wireless Charging: Vip Innovation Brings Wireless Charging Tx Chip WP8015
Jul 02, 2018

WPINNO has launched a Tx chip WP8015, which is WPC Qi1.2.4 certified. It supports up to 15W wireless charging and is backward compatible with Samsung 10W, Apple 7.5W, and ordinary 5W. It is highly flexible and efficient. Cost-effective and compact and so on.

Advantages of the WPINNO Wireless Charging Transmitter (TX) Solution

WPINNO offers a wide range of products that are all certified to Qi standards and meet all standards and technology requirements. WPINNO provides Qi-compliant solutions that meet the needs of next-generation wireless charging devices. High flexibility, excellent high efficiency, high cost performance, and compact design make it an ideal choice for various wireless charging devices. It can fully meet the time-to-market and battery life of various wireless charging devices. Mechanical size considerations.

WP8015 details


The WP8015 series is a highly integrated Qi-compatible wireless charging transmitter solution with built-in MCU controller and IIC debug port. The IC has multiple I/O pins for various information indications and extensions for additional purposes. By adding an additional DC-DC circuit, the series can be expanded to many different voltages. Intelligently monitors Qi-compatible mobile devices, voltage, current, and ambient temperature and makes the right controls. LEDs indicate what is happening in the system. In the general Qi format, the wireless charging transmitter should monitor all communications from the mobile device and adjust the power supply suitable for the coil. The WP8015 has the following features: It complies with the WPC V1.2.4 certification standard. Different types of power supply voltage, 15W, 9V DC power system, it uses A11 coil and capacitor Qi transmitter. High-performance signal demodulation. Automatic detection of QC2.0, QC3.0 adapters. Equipped with status indication function: Charging completed (optional), charging, error (transmitter over-current, Qi standard error message), standby, audible alarm. The automatic detection object is picked up and lowered, equipped with over-temperature protection and over-current protection, and has a learning function when the coil changes. The QFN24 4*4 package is used, and the chip is a 5V voltage input.

Application field

WPINNO transmitter ICs are designed for a variety of fixed and portable wireless charging bases, ultra-small package and high efficiency conversion make it suitable for almost any market and industry applications, such as smart phones, Tablet PCs, netbooks, digital cameras, and other accessories.