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Metal Case And Plastic Case Car Charger
Jul 12, 2018

    Having a car and using smart devices such as driving recorders, navigation, mobile phones, and tablets, the power supply becomes a problem. Most car designs have only one cigarette lighter, and some cars have a USB interface. But generally only 500mA output can not meet the fast charge. Car chargers are more practical.


Car charger

Which is better for car chargers with metal and non-metal casings?

No matter what the material is, the car's housing must meet the flame retardant requirements. If the internal components of the car charger are short-circuited or otherwise malfunctioned, it is also possible to block these risks inside the product.

Metal car charger is completely flame-retardant, rather than the metal car charger on the relatively worrying, generally non-metallic shell with high temperature flame retardant ABS engineering plastics and ordinary quantities. According to the test, the positive and negative poles of the car charger are short-circuited, and the temperature can reach up to 95 degrees Celsius, and the plastic can be melted directly. ASB engineering plastics have good electrical insulation and are virtually immune to temperature, humidity and frequency, as well as excellent impact resistance.

The metal-filled car charger looks good on the surface. However, due to the car cigarette lighter's tolerance, it may be inserted in the cigarette lighter of some models. This may cause the metal case to conduct electricity, causing the cigarette lighter to short-circuit and burn the car. Insurance.

It is recommended to choose a car aftermarket charger, schitec - 10 years old brand, trustworthy!