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MFI Certified Apple Data Line VS Mountain Apple Data Cable
Apr 19, 2018

Anyone who has used an Apple mobile phone knows that the Apple data cable used often prompts the question of “does not support this accessory” or “the cable is not certified and cannot work” and cannot be charged. Most people think that it is the data line or the charger is not caused by the original, it is not true, from a certain point of view, in order to determine which data lines are "owners", Apple introduced a "MFi (Made For iXXX )" authentication mechanism. As a data cable manufacturer, if you want to produce data lines “rightfully”, a necessary step is to apply for MFi certification from Apple.

MFi certification applications need to meet the following requirements: A company that produces data lines wants to apply for MFi certification. The bottom line is that it must have a self-built factory. The factory can't be less than 2,000 square meters, and the number of workers can't be less than 50. In the process of application, it is necessary to repeatedly modify the product design until all the parameters have reached Apple's standards. This process takes about 3-5 months, and an agency fee of US$8,500 is also required for this. Just taking down the cost of Apple's MFi certification, plus the cost of purchasing data line chips from Apple's designated vendors, the cost of each data line was raised to about 15 yuan. This has not added other material cost and manufacturer's production, sale expense, then an MFi authentication apple data line cost probably more than 30 blocks.

The life span of the cottage Apple data line is relatively short, and every time iOS updates, Apple will fix known vulnerabilities. For data line verification vulnerabilities, it will also be patched with the upgrade of the system. Once the loopholes used to crack the mountain apple data line are blocked by Apple, this line will immediately lose its effect.

This also explains why many cracked data lines are very easy to use when they are just bought. After about a month, they will be alarmed by Apple, and in two weeks it will become completely unusable. As such, the life of the Shanzhai data line is as long as the loopholes it uses. A broken data line, even if the physical structure is intact, there is a "shelf life".