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Mini USB Cable Features
Sep 26, 2017

1. The outside is adopted 85P Ultra soft rohs/reach/California 65, Europe and America Environmental protection ul/pvc/tpe/pu/pe, durable, environmental protection, professional!

2. The use of standard USB2.0/usb3.0 interface, transmission faster, more convenient, with charging function, fine workmanship, excellent quality, high quality wire, soft and durable!

3. All the wire cores adopt high quality tinned copper, increase the signal transmission surface, anti-oxidation, and the service life is more than 50 times times the ordinary product!

4. The wire is made of aluminum foil, double layer shield of braided net, stronger anti-interference ability, faster and more stable signal transmission.

5. The use of unique signal line to twist, increase signal transmission stability!

6. The production of the entire product after 49 standardized production process, 26 strict quality testing, fully in line with national testing standards!