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Mobile Phone Charging Fever With The Phone Data Line?
Apr 10, 2018

Many times the phones we use are hot or even hot. The main reason is the excessive use of mobile phones, long-term use of mobile phones to play games, Internet access, over-charging, etc. will cause the phone to heat up. When it comes to mobile phones, there are often many kinds of Tucao, the most important issue is the Internet and mobile phone batteries. If a mobile phone is playing games for a long time, it will get hot, or how to use mobile phone data lines to heat the phone during charging?

The reason is because the smart phone screens, game applications, and mobile phone signals that we use all consume electricity. Prolonged use, especially playing games, can easily cause the phone to become hot, and it is the use of mobile phone data lines to play games while playing games. Charging, this not only affects the battery life, but also not very good for mobile phones. It's best to turn off the phone while charging your phone with your phone's data cable. This will reduce the power consumption, and the charging speed will be much faster.

Second reason, the hot summer weather, the use of mobile phone data lines to charge the phone is afraid that the hot can be placed in a relatively large air flow, relatively cool environment charging, such as air-conditioned room, there is a fan to the place, Avoid places with large heat sources, which are beneficial to the heat dissipation of mobile phone data lines and mobile phones, and avoid the occurrence of valley fever.

The third reason is that the mobile phone data cable used for charging is overheated. Try switching to a data cable and try it out. Of course, you can't use a poor quality mobile phone data cable. Some small workshops or mobile phone data lines that are sold by resellers have no quality. promise. Try to buy those regular manufacturers like our Yachuang electronic data line manufacturers to process the data line, quality and reliable, after-sale protection.

The fourth reason is to avoid overcharging. After the mobile phone is fully charged, it is necessary to develop the habit of unplugging the mobile phone data cable and the charger in time, especially charging before going to bed and unplugging the next morning. This does not let the phone heat up for a long time and it is not good for the battery.

Five reasons, if the phone is not hot because of cell phones, you can check the phone data line, there may be time or poor cell phone data line quality will also cause the phone to heat when charging, when you buy the data line do not buy that kind of special Cheap, because a few cents or a dollar cost of the data line used in the material is very low-end bad, it is easy to go wrong, and the core is still very small, causing the phone to charge slowly, serious fever and so on.