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Must Choose Safety Products Also Have To Find Reliable Vendors
Mar 31, 2018

Technology has changed lives, new generations of mobile phones have been updated, and the development of the Internet has enabled smartphones or tablet computers to become the standard for people at this stage. DDT drivers turn on mobile phone navigation throughout the day. On-board charging has to say that many creative automotive supplies do bring great convenience to the lives of many owners, but the hidden dangers of poor quality products are very serious. 

Previously, CCTV had reported similar news. Testers bought various types of on-board chargers at various prices from the market. The test results showed that there were 7 batches of car chargers with prices below RMB 20, all of which were unqualified. There are 9 batches of samples ranging from RMB 20 to RMB 40. 7 batches do not meet industry standards, and the failure rate is about 77%; of the 4 batches with prices higher than RMB 40, 1 batch is not. Passed, failure rate was 25%.

Especially now, multi-USB output products are also mass-produced, and many black-hearted manufacturers have virtualized product power. However, through actual measurement, it has been found that many products are accompanied by a mobile phone. If the car charger has too low load capacity, at the same time, Charging multiple devices, devices such as charged mobile phones may explode.

In addition, from the product protection, many inferior products are also not up to standard. The industry standard requires that the on-board charger must be equipped with an effective protection device to ensure that the car charger has internal line faults and voltage input abnormalities lead to short circuit and quickly cut off the power supply line. However, some car chargers have no fuse design. Vehicle-mounted chargers with guaranteed safety performance will generally include 11 parts such as chips, contacts, housings, and several capacitors and inductors. Many products that fail to meet industry standards will be cut corners and shoddy. Then one can imagine how bad the low-priced car chargers on the market are.

Here, the adapter manufacturer reminds: when selecting the car charger, we must be clear about the standard information on the product, generally good products will have their own LOGO, trademark and other information, not necessarily a compact car charger is a good product, try not to Blindly pursuing high currents and charging speeds, because excessive currents often cause greater danger in the event of line faults; in addition, they must also be familiar with the use of car chargers.