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Need To Pay Attention When Charging The Phone
Apr 03, 2018

If the charger is left unplugged for a long time, its internal circuit board is electrically powered for a long period of time, which in theory will cause the charger to age. If the charger is of poor quality, it can easily cause a short circuit and cause accidents such as fire, explosion, and accidental electric shock. Normally, a mobile phone can be charged for up to 4 hours, and the charger should be unplugged after it is full. If it is convenient for the diagram, you can also purchase a safety socket with a power switch. When not using an electric device, you can press the switch on the safety socket to disconnect the power.

When charging your phone, pay attention to the following points:

1, do not charge while answering the phone

Under normal circumstances, the insulation between the parts with dangerous voltage and the accessible conductive parts is broken down or the contact current is too large, which can easily cause the user to get an electric shock. Especially for some smart phone users, "playing while playing" is a common practice, and you should be careful. In addition, poor cell phone chargers can easily catch fire.

2, it is best to use direct charge

The original mobile phone charger has an overvoltage protection circuit and is equipped with a rectifier transformer device, which can convert high voltage to low voltage and direct current to alternating current. The universal chargers are mostly manufactured by non-regular manufacturers without protective coils, making it easy to make the voltage or current too high and unstable. Excessive voltage can easily pack the battery, sometimes it can cause a dangerous explosion, and the phone can easily be burned.

3, choose qualified products

In the purchase of mobile phone chargers, batteries must be selected regular manufacturers qualified products, do not plan to be cheaper to informal small manufacturers to buy electrical performance products failed. A good charger has an overheated self-protection circuit. When its internal temperature reaches a certain value, it will automatically turn off the power and play a certain degree of protection.

4, try to charge when someone cares

The mobile phone battery should try to choose when someone is charging, so that it can handle abnormal situations in time. Charging temperature should be paid attention to and the presence of char odor, if the temperature is too high, there are obviously hot or a burning smell, etc., you must first stop charging, check out the causes and conduct the necessary treatment and then charge.

5, do not cover anything when the phone is charging

The voltage of the mobile phone is higher than the standby state during charging. If an unqualified battery or charger is used, and the environment is poor during charging, such as high temperature and humidity, accidents may occur.