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Old Hand Tell You How To Buy Car Charger
Mar 26, 2018

There are more and more cars, and more and more car chargers.How to choose the right car charger?

Please refer to the following four

1.Be aware of the output voltage of your car's cigarette lighter.

The output voltage of the car is 12V and the truck is 24V.The versatile car charger (12v) is most suitable for cars.If other types of cars need to select the corresponding voltage standard.


2.Understand the automatic protection function of car charger.

Whether the car charger has the function of overpressure, overcurrent, overheat, and short circuit protection.Environment protective is ABS material,the case has the advantages of environment protection,flexibility and good brightness.


3.Note the voltage and current size.

In the purchase should pay attention to voltage and current size of the supporting equipment.For example, the iphone is 5V/1A, and the tablet PC and mobile power supply are 5V/ 2A.If you charge your mobile phone and tablet PC at the same time, the total current of the car charger should be at least 3A or above.Otherwise, the charging speed will drop sharply, even spoil the equipment.


4.Understand the total current of the car charger.

Generally, regular products will indicate the output current on the charger.

It's not only slow but also overhoting if you buy a charger that is charged with a phone and a tablet. This means that the current is not up to standard.