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OTG Data Line Can Be Used Like This, You Know?
Apr 10, 2018

Many smart phones and tablets now support OTG functions. Devices that support OTG functions include an OTG data cable similar to a USB data cable. How many friends use OTG line? How to use is not very understanding, and even a lot of mobile phone users have not used the OTG data line basically, in fact, OTG data line is still very practical, the following small series for everyone to detail the use of OTG data line.

First talk about what is OTG: OTG is the abbreviation of USB On-The-Go, mainly used in a variety of different devices or mobile devices to connect, for data exchange. In layman's terms, if the device is a U disk, then OTG is to facilitate the user to directly read the contents of the U disk with a mobile phone (without inserting the mobile phone and U disk on the computer to make the computer transfer station).

OTG data line

Then the problem came: OTG function is to achieve the connection of USB devices such as mobile phones and USB flash drives, but the interface on the mobile phone is relatively small, how can the U disk be inserted directly? The answer is, come to an OTG data line.

OTG data line how to use: OTG line is very practical, as long as the OTG data line is connected to the phone's Micro USB (charge interface), another section of the mouse or U disk can be connected,

After connecting, you can use the mouse to operate the mobile phone. The mouse can be freely moved and click the application to open the operation. The basic operation is similar to the computer.

OTG data line

The role of OTG: It is to realize the data transmission between mobile devices without a computer. In contrast to the one-line connection of two mobile devices, the OTG cable can directly connect the devices for data transmission and printing operations. No need to bring a memory card or computer to send. The most common is that mobile phones connect U-disks and other USB devices through OTG lines, thereby extending the capabilities of mobile devices.