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Overcharged Charger Leads To A Fake Apple Product
Apr 03, 2018

According to foreign media reports recently. Due to the overheating of the charger and each Apple official product had its unique serial number, the agency’s law enforcement officers seized a large number of counterfeit Apple chargers, batteries, data cables, headphones and power adapters from a warehouse in London. As a result, law enforcement officials quickly determined that these products were counterfeit and were charging their Macbook devices at home.

After official identification by Apple, law enforcement officers of West Sussex Trading Standards in West Sussex County in the United Kingdom seized the largest apple product fraud in the history of the institution and noticed that she was wrong to Xisace immediately. The county's trade standards agency reported this situation. It is reported that it will bring security risks to the equipment.

A user purchased this Apple charger from the store. Eventually, a fake worth nearly 1.3 million pounds was found in a warehouse in London. The total amount was 1.3 million pounds. The charger was a fake because many of the goods had the same serial number. The agency conducted an investigation in this regard. The investigation was caused by the £59 Apple Charger sold at a shop in Haywards Heath,West Sussex.