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Please Unplug The Phone Charger After Charging
Oct 08, 2018

 With the wide use of smart phones, chargers are everywhere. Many people often plug in a mobile phone charger in the living room, and the room also plugs in a charger, just to play while charging. This approach is believed to be not just one or two people. Most people may not be very concerned about this method, but it is harmful if the mobile phone charger is used up for a long time. Let's take a look:

1. The charger uses a transformer to convert the high voltage into a low voltage. If the charger is not plugged on the socket for a long time, and it is not connected to the mobile phone, this is the same as “no load” and “no load”. There is current flowing through. If the charger is not pulled out for a long time, its internal circuit board is powered for a long time, which will cause the charger to age. The life of the charger is shortened and the life of the charger is shortened.

2. If the quality of the purchased charger is not good, the mobile phone charger will not be pulled out for a long time, it will easily cause a short circuit, which may cause fire, explosion, accidental electric shock and other accidents at any time.

3. If the mobile phone charger is not pulled out for a long time, it is very power-hungry! This is one of the hazards. If it's summer, it will consume more power, and the charger will be very hot and hot, which is also likely to cause a fire. . And this is also a very environmentally unfriendly behavior.

   I suggest that you must develop a good habit of unplugging your mobile phone charger. In addition to this, try to use the original charger, and the charger is best to stay away from flammable items such as bed, clothing.....