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Precautions When Connecting A Mobile Phone To A Computer Using A USB Cable
May 15, 2018

     When we want to transfer files, pictures, videos, music, we need to connect the mobile phone to the computer. What are the precautions when connecting the mobile phone to the computer usb data cable? Maybe some people are still not clear, then the data line Manufacturers of small up to give everyone to popularize the use of usb data cable to connect mobile phones and computers when the precautions.

One: installation steps:

1: Do not insert the data cable first, insert the disc, the driver installation program will automatically run, according to the program prompts.

2: If the disc does not run automatically, do not insert the data cable first. Double-click the “USB Data Cable Driver/Driver Setup” icon in the CD-ROM and install it as prompted by the software.

3: After installation is complete, restart the computer to standby mode.

4: Insert the data cable again, the computer will automatically load the driver.

II: Precautions for Using Mobile Phones

1: After inserting the USB cable, right click on the desktop My Computer--Properties--Device Manager--Modem check to see if there is a Motorola Usb Modem item. . If this does not occur or if it is not working properly, you must reconfirm the installation of the driver.

2: Install application software that can support the phone model you are using (application software installation method specifically refers to the software help documentation), check the software interface settings in the communication port, is specified as 1 step (My Computer - Properties - Device manager - modem) more ports. Must be confirmed, otherwise it will not connect to the phone

3: The best way to use the USB cable is to plug in the USB cable, plug in the phone, and run the application software. In the end, the order is reversed. You must close the application software and then unplug the USB data cable. Otherwise, problems such as abnormal operation or computer crash may occur.

4: Buy a Qualified USB Cable! Personal experience: After using the computer, it is best not to unplug it.