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Satchi Introduces New Aluminum USB-C Expansion Adapter
Apr 02, 2018

Apple introduced the MacBook laptop with USB-C interface only three years ago. Unfortunately, the USB-C interface was very rare at that time, so most consumers could not accept this design.

Nowadays, the USB-C interface has become increasingly popular in the light and thin, and there are more and more notebook computers that fully adopt the USB-C interface. In order to meet consumer demand, more and more USB-C adapters are starting to appear on the market. Satchi recently introduced an aluminum-shell USB-C adapter that contains almost all commonly used interfaces.

The main parameters of this aluminumType-CMultimediaAdapter are as follows:

● Support USB-C power delivery (PD);

● Support 4KHDMI@30Hz;

● Support 4Kmini-DisplayPort@30Hz;

● Support Gigabit Ethernet;

● Integrated microSD/SD card reader;

● Provides 3×USB3.0 Type-A extensions.

Satchi Introduces New Aluminum USB-C Expansion Adapter

Satchi Introduces New Aluminum USB-C Expansion Adapter

So many interfaces are enough to meet the various needs of users, and now this expansion adapter has been put on Amazon, priced at 99 US dollars (about 627 yuan), divided into two versions of silver and dark gray.