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Some Common Questions About Car Chargers
Jul 13, 2018

   In this ever-changing era, the development of science and technology and the progress of society have made our lives more convenient and comfortable. The car has entered the lives of most people, travels by car, and gets off work. What did you do if your phone got swollen while driving? Don't worry, the car charger will give you a worry. But what impact will it have on the car charger?


    Many people will ask, car charger will consume fuel it? The answer is: The car charger is connected to the power supply through the cigarette lighter socket. The battery is used to power the battery. When the car is started, it will automatically supply power to the battery. Therefore, there is no argument for fuel consumption.


    Can a laptop use a car charger? The answer is no. The average car charger output is 5V, laptop power is mostly, and all car chargers are not enough. If you must use it, you can use an inverter.


    What brand of car charger is better? There are many manufacturers of car chargers, but most of them are cutting corners, and it is best to use brand products. Schitec is your first choice brand, affordable, and reliable in quality.