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Switching Power Adapter Operating Principle
Sep 18, 2018

      1. The AC power input is rectified and filtered into DC;

      2. The switching tube is operated by a high frequency PWM (pulse width modulation) signal, and that DC is applied to the primary of the switching transformer;

      3. The secondary of the switching transformer induces a high-frequency voltage, which is supplied by the rectification filter;

      4. The output is fed back to the control circuit through a certain circuit, and the PWM duty cycle is controlled to reach the intention of stable output;

      5. When the AC power input is input, it usually passes through something like the Ericsson to filter out the disturbance on the power grid, and also filters out the disturbance of the power supply to the power grid;

      6. In the power phase, the higher the switching frequency, the smaller the volume of the switching transformer, but the higher the demand for the switching tube;

      7. The secondary of the switching transformer can have multiple windings or one winding with multiple taps to obtain the required output;

      8, usually should also add some maintenance circuits, such as no-load, short-circuit and other maintenance, or may burn the switching power adapter.