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The Application Of Mini USB Data Cable And Its Specification Parameters
Apr 12, 2018

MiniUSB, also known as mini-USB, is a USB interface standard, but "mini USB" was born earlier than "micro USB". It used to be the mainstream USB interface mode of mobile devices. It is equipped with a mini USB cable, which can be said to be The most common kind of interface, this interface due to superior anti-misplugging performance, the volume is relatively small, so it is winning the favor of many manufacturers, this interface is widely seen in readers, MP3, digital cameras and mobile hard disk. The following together to understand the specifications of the mini usb data line!

Mini usb data cable

First, technical parameters:

1. Product Name: mini usb data cable

2. Interface type: USB2.0/MiniUSB.

3. The pin pin is gold-plated with 1U/2U/3U, tin-plated, nickel-plated iron and salt spray tested for 24/48/60 hours.

4. Use UL2725 standard cable. Optional national standard ROHS/REACH? 6P upgrade 16P/UL, etc.

5. High-foaming PE is adopted for the green-white twisted signal line, and high-purity oxygen-free copper wire is used for the red-black cored wire.

6. The use of aluminum foil shielding treatment, plus high-density braided shield, improves the signal transmission speed and attenuation.

7. The outside of the wire is insulated with environmentally-friendly PVC and its insulation thickness is 0.1-0.5mm.

Second, suitable temperature:


Ambient? Humidity: 30%--85%

Storage Temperature: -20°C--70°C

Storage Humidity: 30%--90%

Third, the product features:

1. External use is 85P super soft ROHS/REACH/California 65 European and American environmental protection UL/PVC/TPE/PU/PE, durable, environmental protection, professional!

2. The use of standard USB2.0/USB3.0 interface, transmission faster, more convenient, with charging function. Fine workmanship, super quality, high quality wire, soft and durable!

3. All cores use high-quality tin-plated oxygen-free copper to increase the signal transmission surface, anti-oxidation, and the service life is 50 times higher than that of ordinary products!

4. The wire is made of aluminum foil, and the braided mesh is double-shielded. The anti-interference ability is stronger, and the signal transmission is faster and more stable!

5. Use a unique twisted pair of signal wires to increase signal transmission stability!

6. The entire product is produced through 49 standardized production processes and 26 strict quality inspections, which fully comply with the national testing standards!