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The Charger Does Not Pull Out For Several Months. What Is The Effect?
Apr 03, 2018

If the charger is not removed for a few months, some people may also be short-circuited when the phone is not charging.

Many people have the habit of not using a charger, and it is easy to cause aging of components. We are used to charging near a bedside or charging near a pillow. This kind of charging head will not be inserted in the socket for a long time and there will be security risks because the charger is set up. Protection device so that the probability of spontaneous ignition caused by the charger is very small, if you want to buy a lighter charging head, the purchase of data lines must pay more attention to its work, to avoid safety accidents, but the charger internal circuit board is With electricity, this will greatly shorten the life of the charger, such as not in the refrigerator, electric oven, heater, or in direct sunlight.

If the charger is of inferior quality, live it and turn off the socket switch, which will cause heat for a long time, and there are safety risks.

It is best to stay away from sleeping. .