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The Core Wire Of The Usb Data Line Is Arranged In An Order
May 18, 2018

     When we use the mobile phone usb data cable if it is broken or there is a bad connection, I would like to take a break to repair it. However, after the dismantling of the small partner regrets, the internal wire core wire of the usb data line still has the arrangement order, even after forgetting, the arrangement order is forgotten. Why don't you make a photo in advance or make a record on the book! This is where you hang yourself and casually solder the contacts on the wrong contacts. The four lines of the usb data cable are arranged in the order of red, white, black and yellow. What?

     The data cable manufacturers tell you that the order of the internal wires of the USB cable is: the metal contacts are facing themselves, and when the interface is upward, the order from left to right is: red, white, black, red, white, black, yellow, etc. Because the factory is not the same, the specifications of the usb data lines produced are not the same.

The red line is the positive side of the power supply. The identification on the wiring is: +5V or VCC

The white line is a negative voltage data line, identified as: Data- or usb port-enhanced signal transmission function

Green is a positive voltage data line, identified as: Data+ or usb port+ enhanced signal transmission function

Black is the ground wire, identified as GROUND or GND

    If you do not understand the usb data cable, do not dismantle it at will, repair it and find professional personnel to repair it, and avoid unnecessary losses.