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The Data Cable Has Little Known Features
Apr 10, 2018

If the phone is used for a long time, the battery will not be used. Why do you say that? Because the battery capacity can not meet the daily use of our mobile phones, playing mobile Internet, playing games are very power-hungry, so continuous play for two or three hours no electricity, and no spare battery can be replaced, can only use the data line to charge Now. In fact, I think it, mobile phone charging or data line is more convenient, because you can connect the phone to continue charging, so that there will be a steady stream of current supply. In fact, the mobile phone data line is more than just charging this function. In the past, I only knew that the data line could be charged, the data could be transmitted, and then it was gone.

Many times the mobile phone crashes, you need to brush! Brush machine, brush machine is what ghost. Even if the phone is broken, it can still be flashed, and the mobile phone that has been turned off and the phone system is broken can be used to save it. In fact, it is also very simple, as long as the tools are ready. A computer, a mobile phone corresponding to the system package, a data line, a brush machine software, a broken phone, and then follow the steps on the computer to connect the computer with the data line step by step operation on the right, although for the first time, but Or successful ha ha. Suddenly discovering that the data line can be used this way is not amazing. Although I used this data line for a long time, charging is really fast.

The best choice for future mobile phone charging data line type-c data cable supports fast charging, mobile phones, computers, mobile devices are available, popularity will be faster and faster, type-c may eliminate micro USB data cable in the future to become the mainstream charging line