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The Development Trend Of Usb Car Charger
Nov 03, 2017

The development trend of usb car charger

Car charger in the development of the past few years showed a straight-line upward trend, not only to thank the rise in global automobile production and sales, but also increasingly rich electronic products, a combination of the two produced a driving demand for electronic products increased, Also created a great market demand for car charger.

Currently the main function of the car charger is to charge the mobile phones and other electronic products, the plug can be inserted into the car cigarette point can be achieved, according to the different power of electronic products, car charger USB output power is not the same, which also produces Different power electronic products require different models of car charger, many people have mobile phones, computers, driving recorder, MP3, MP4 and other equipment, but because of different power, can not use the same car charger, which also allows many Car owners choose to buy different models of car charger at the same time, of course, to a certain extent, a multi-socket car cigarette lighter can solve this problem.

According to this question, it is easy to see that the future direction of development of car charger will be carried out in terms of power automation and intelligence of products. With the improvement of scientific research, it is not necessary for car charger to invest in R & D in the future. Of this goal will be achieved, we will see when the hands of different electronic devices can use a car charger at the same time, and the car charger has only one output port, that is, this output port can be smartly identify the charging device is really power options The corresponding current output, to minimize the unnecessary trouble.

There is another aspect worth considering is relying on a strong battery technology to achieve wireless car charging, the current human can still do cell phone wireless charging technology, the future of wireless car charging will not be a dream, the car charger into the cigarette lighter , Open the car charger smart wireless charging output, cell phone Ye Hao, computer Ye Hao, these charging devices do not have to re-insert the car charger, as long as the relevant signal transmission can be accepted, it will also maximize the liberation of data lines, Liberate our hands and realize where to go.

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