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The Necessity Of Using Car Charger
Mar 26, 2018

More and more electronics products such as mobile phones, tablets and digital camera become an indispensable tool in our life,they are also indispensable for car owners. However,In the process of the use of electronic products, it is inevitable that your battery is low  which will lead to the influence of the use.So car owners like to using car chargers.

You'll find a USB port in your car that will also charge your phone.However, most of the USB ports in the car are designed to transmit data. The current is only 500MA, and the charging efficiency is very low.If you use your mobile navigate,Charging is not even enough for navigation.such as mobile phone, tablet,the common charging specifications  is 5V/1A and the flat-panel charger is 5V/2A.therefore,if you want to achieve faster charging efficiency, a USB car charger of 1A or larger output current is the best choice.At present, the car charger is in the position of cigarette lighter, and many manufacturers have launched multifunctional car charger,more usb interface even the car charger also comes with the cigarette lighter function.This kind of multi-function car charger not only does not affect the function of the car itself, also expanded the more functions, It makes the charging, cigarette lighter and data transmission independent, which greatly facilitated  the use of car charger.