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The New IPhone Suddenly Burst Out To Support QC Charging, Really Puzzling
Mar 31, 2018

 Industry sources recommend a Lightning charging cable that is said to allow the iPhone 8/8P/X to support Qualcomm's QC charging. If this is the case, it must be said that it is an unexpected big change, because the lawsuit between Apple and Qualcomm continues, the new iPhone suddenly burst to support QC charging, it is indeed puzzling. To this end, we deliberately searched for "iPhone X QC Quick Charge Line" on Taobao. We can see that more than one company is selling this line. It is estimated that after a program is cracked, it will soon be blooming.


        As for the facts, let the data speak. Connect the Samsung QC Charging Head and iPhone X with the iPhone X QC Quick Charge Cable. The tester uses ChargerLab POWER-Z KT001. After about 3 seconds, the charging voltage rises from 5V to 9V and the peak power reaches 15.3W. Reached the same level as the Apple 29W PD adapter for iPhone X fast charge. Of course, QC charging can actually be up to 18W, and the current recorded power should be subject to Samsung's adapter power.

QC Quick Charge Line and Samsung Adapter (Also Support QC and AFC) Charge iPhone X

        It seems that after this line, iPhone X can trigger QC fast charge is OK. But is the charging speed faster? We have made clear conclusions after comparing several previous charging methods. For the iPhone 8, whether fast charging has little effect on overall charging speed. Therefore, we chose iPhone X as a comparison object.

As can be seen from the figure, the maximum charging power recorded when the iPhone 8P is charged with this QC quick charge cable plugged into a 9V2A QC adapter with sufficient power is over 17.1W, which is beyond the iPhone X's non-fast charge mode. The ultimate power 12W (5V*2.4A). It can be seen that this is not a deceptive QC trigger, but QC's voltage and power have indeed entered the iPhone X.

        In addition to the QC fast charge, this adapter cable also performs well for ordinary 5V2A chargers. We know that ordinary A-port chargers can only charge iPhone X at 5V 1A without the iPhone charging resistor configuration. But after using this patch cord, you can easily go up to 5V 1.8A. According to the description, this fast charge line has a power adaptive function. For those charge heads whose actual power does not meet the requirements, once the output voltage is pulled down to 90% of the no-load value, the charge current will be negotiated with the iPhone again. Until the charging current matches the actual output capability of the charging head. In order to protect the adapter and the purpose of the phone.