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The Power Adapter Should Be Properly Maintained In Daily Life
Sep 25, 2018

       I believe that many users have the same feeling: the long-term use of the computer, the hottest place than the fuselage surface, or even the air outlet, the power adapter notebook next to it, but often with the feeling of heat, it is really worrying It will suddenly strike on a certain day, or roar, smoking and other malfunctions. So, when we protect in the notebook, we also need to maintain it.


      In the daily office, and maintain proper maintenance:


      1. Create a good thermal environment. When using the notebook in a high temperature environment, place the notebook power adapter in a place where there is no direct sunlight or air; do not dissipate the power adapter air outlet in the notebook, otherwise the heat of the power adapter will not be emitted, and part of the heat absorption.


      2. The abnormality should be stopped in time. The power adapter works loudly, even if it is smoking, often damaged or malfunctions, it should be stopped immediately, and put into use again before the professional engineer rectifies.


      3, non-original use of caution. There is a certain difference in the output interface non-original power adapter, voltage and current values (or nominal and actual), if not properly matched, it may affect the stability of the operation on the laptop, or even more serious consequences.