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The Use Of Car Charger And The Effect Of Life
Oct 11, 2017

Today more and more cars, but the car's various accessories are also emerging, such as: Car charger.

Car charger with the common charger is the difference between plug-car charger plug is a cigarette, find a cigarette in the car (usually a in the cockpit and in the trunk), plug it in (to the bottom, hear the clicks), and then connect the other end to the cell phone or other digital device you want to charge. Note that you must be able to recharge the car when the engine is started.

Bought the car charger! Insert it directly into the cigar. To plug a cell phone into a charging port can be recharged! Please remember to start the car before inserting the charger charge! To prevent the voltage from starting to burn the charger!

The car charger a special into a cigarette, the other end of the phone can be; Another is to plug into the cigarette, your charger is plugged into the charge converter socket, this is a reverse deformation.

We are not unfamiliar with the navigation function of the car, which let the driver get rid of the embarrassing situation. And as the electrical equipment on the car, its electricity is from where, this for those who do not drive the people still have some unknown confusion, in fact, the use of the car is usually charged. The effect of this charge is mostly the use of USB sockets, a wide variety of data lines will be used to connect to electronic devices, and many electronic products now, in order to enable them to be used in a common way, are usually the same in size, and are designed to facilitate the wider use of various electronic equipment lines. The main principle is to convert the 12V DC or 24V DC on the car to the DC 5V voltage of a variety of devices suitable for USB charging, can effectively use the car's stable power supply and convenient USB interface to the mobile phone, MP3, navigator or game consoles and other charging, to our driving life to bring a new experience.

Car charger is conventionally used in automotive battery-powered car charger, the most widely used is portable and other applications wide range of lithium battery field. Such charging methods need to consider more problems, one is the need to recharge, there is the quality of the car's battery effect and so on, so this kind of charge must choose a safe and appropriate management method to meet the needs of users for charging, and products to withstand high pressure, in the operation of the digital products can be effectively replenished, charging when there is greater reliability. General car such chargers have two of interfaces, to facilitate the owners have enough space for the use of mobile phones, cameras, such as the possibility of charging at any time. Because the car voltage is low and stable, so this kind of products have overload and short-circuit protection, as well as high temperature protection.

We use Car Charger method is simpler. Plug a USB cable into a specific position on the car, with a light on it indicating that the product is working, that the USB cable is connected to the adapter on the car, and that it can replenish its own phone. When charging, the cigar can play a plug effect, for mobile phones and other tools to recharge electricity. Car owners need to pay attention to, to achieve the charging operation, only the car will start, can carry on the mobile phone and other tools of the charging effect, not in the humid areas of the use of such chargers, so as not to cause damage to the tool.

In the purchase of this type of charger, as far as possible to choose the normal product, to avoid the impact of security risks, the type is best seat filling, more can reduce the loss.