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There Is No Hidden Danger In The Mobile Phone Data Cable!
May 29, 2018

    The mobile phone data cable is fully charged, this habit should have a lot of people, the data line to the mobile phone has not been charged, or the phone has been charged without the habit of unplug the data line. When the data line is charging the mobile phone, the data line is only connected to the circuit board. Even if there is no load, it will generate a certain current, some current is small, and some current is relatively large. This is because the charger between the data line and the card is a transformer and rectifying device. After it is inserted in the circuit board, it will be powered on. It will consume a certain amount of current and it will always be in working condition. .

    From another aspect, the charger connecting the data line is a device that converts high-voltage power to low-voltage direct current. If the data cable and the charger are placed on the patch panel for a long period of time, it will continue to generate heat, thereby accelerating the aging of devices and materials. In this case, it is prone to short-circuit or high-voltage breakdown, causing fire hazards.

    Therefore, it is recommended that everyone use the data cable to fully charge the mobile phone, so that it does not seem so chaotic, it can also effectively eliminate security risks.