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Thousands Of Nets Spoiled, Prompting Mobile Phone Repair Cited Media Attention
Jun 19, 2018

   On April 7, Chengdu citizens’ WeChat circle of friends received a message: Apple changed screens as low as 98 yuan. Subsequently, this news was quickly spread. For a time, the “change in the screen of mobile phones as low as 98” has become a hot topic, which has aroused strong repercussions among the mobile phone repair market in Chengdu and the general public. Why mobile phone repair can cause widespread concern for a short time? It also needs to start with the extremely "opaque" of the mobile phone repair industry.

Repairing mobile phones is a pain for the entire Chinese people. How deep is this water?

It is understood that the cell phone service chain chain Qianqinwang has been paying great attention to the mass media during the launch of the “3·15 Transparent Maintenance” into community activities. "Huaxi Dushi Bao", "Chengdu Evening News", and Sichuan TV Station have all made in-depth disclosures on mobile screen change screens. According to media reports, more than 80% of users do not know that the phone is divided into internal and external screens, and 80% of mobile phone screens are only external screen fragments. The internal screen is in fact intact. However, many unscrupulous merchants will not inform the user that the mobile phone has internal and external screens, and will not inform the user that only the external screen is broken, but will charge the user to replace the internal and external screens.

According to the data, the current satisfaction rate for domestic maintenance of domestic smart phones is about 60%, and the satisfaction rate for outsourced maintenance is only 18.24%. The mobile phone repair industry is generally characterized by opaque prices, poor quality of spare parts, poor maintenance levels, and even the presence of unscrupulous individuals who have minor illnesses, overhauled original accessories, and stole user personal information.

Transparent prices are the result of popular expectations

On April 8th, the two self-operated flagship stores in Chengdu and 35 community stores of simultaneously launched the “Change Screen 98 Plan”, which was the first to implement a new mobile phone screen replacement maintenance price system in Chengdu. Apple and other mainstream models Replace the screen as low as 98 yuan. At the same time, the official Weibo of the West China City Daily and the Tianfu Morning Post reported the news. In the following week, the "Change Screen 98 Program" quickly went deep into the community along with the Thousand Network Stores, and put on-site maintenance at Chunxi Road, the core business district. The users responded strongly and attracted many media to report on it.

"These are normal market reactions and are expected to happen," Qian said. It is reported that this plan is not just an adjustment of the mobile phone screen replacement price, but also a direct attack on the industry chaos. Behind a series of media concerns is the urgent need for people to maintain healthy and healthy mobile phones, and it is the public's desire for market standardization and transparency!

Why can be as low as 98 yuan, is the "spoiler" or the standard remodeler?

"Change Screen 98 Plan" means that the mainstream models such as Apple change the minimum screen to 98 yuan, such as iPhone 6s only 178 yuan for the external screen, this price surprised many people, could not help but ask why the general mobile phone repair Shops often charge thousands of dollars. At the same time, as reported by the media, many merchants do not tell the user the distinction between internal and external screens.

Thousands of network maintenance engineers explained that if only the outer screen is broken, then repair the broken screen only pay the price of the outer screen is enough, the amount is far lower than the replacement of the entire screen price.

It is understood that because of its strategic partnership with Pinshen, Qianqin has the ability to control the upstream supply chain of the mobile phone repair industry. Through years of research and practice in the industry, it has established the standardization of tools, technologies, and processes. Form their own professional personnel training system. With these, the 1000-machine network will be able to start with the price, directing the pain points of mobile phone users and rebuilding the industry's specifications.