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TWS Bluetooth Headset Dedicated Wireless Charger Only A Dollar Coin Size
Jun 25, 2018

The wireless charging market has risen again. Many manufacturers regard compactness as a selling point for their products. You may feel that they are small enough for a cookie-sized wireless charger. However, what you may not realize is that some manufacturers have even launched a wireless charger with only a one-dollar coin size!

On June 20th, the "2018 (Summer) China Bluetooth Headset Industry Summit Forum" hosted by I Love Audio Network was successfully held in Shenzhen. The exhibitor Royer Jen-Viet's stand attracted only one coin-sized wireless charging launch pad to attract everyone's attention. , Charging Head Network was informed that this is a TWS Bluetooth headset dedicated wireless charging launch board.

The wireless charging transmitter of the TWS headset box has only one dollar coin size! The reason why it can be so small is because it uses a highly integrated SoC chip. As for the Tx chip model, the TWS headphone box transmitter uses the Yi Chong wireless EC8010 chip, which is a 5W SoC chip, with the advantages of high integration, fewer external components, low program cost, and high product consistency.

TWS earphone box wireless charging receiver coil has round, oval and other shapes to meet the shape of the finished product appearance. The Rx chip also comes from Yi Chong Wireless, the chip model EC3018, supports 5W output power, and this chip is especially suitable for smart watches, razors, toothbrushes, headphones and other low-power wireless charging products.

Apple's AirPods headset with wireless charging will be available soon, and it is believed that it will once again drive a wave of market enthusiasm. The TWS Bluetooth headset that supports wireless charging will also welcome development opportunities.