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Type-C Data Line Will Be Unified Mobile Device Interface Specifications
Apr 04, 2018

Introduction: USB Type-C is a connector specification, which is a thin double-sided pluggable connector, which not only improves the user's convenience, but also helps reduce the size of the product. Type-C also improves radio frequency interference (RFI) issues, including USB 3.0 devices that affect 2.4 GHz wireless transmission devices such as Wi-Fi and BT.

Type-C can be compatible with USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB 3.1 specifications. In the future, USB 3.1 will be divided into Gen1 and Gen2 versions. USB3.1 Gen1 will have a speed of 5 Gbps, and USB3.1 Gen2 will have a higher speed. 10Gbps, 10Gbps speed is a challenge for the connector, wire rod and package manufacturers, and only a few leading connector manufacturers have the ability to enter Type-C connector and transmission line design with USB3.1.

Type-C has the potential to become the mainstream connector specification for all mobile devices in the future. Whether it is the Android mobile device, SmartPhone, Pad, or NB, it is foreseen that the Type-C connector specifications will be quickly introduced in the second half of 2015 through 2016.

In the mobile phone segment, China’s smart phone makers attacked the market. The three mobile phones announced in April were the first to adopt the Type-C connector. According to current industry sources, the new 2016 model will also use the Type-C connector. Stage connectors, wire rods, and semiconductor manufacturers all have high interest in Type-C and have invested in the development of related products. Type-C business opportunities are expected to take off in the second half of 2015, becoming the focus of the future connector industry in the next three years. trend.

The USB Type-C specification revolutionizes the connector industry of consumer electronics. From a long-term perspective, Type-C not only helps reduce electronic waste, but also has excellent data transmission performance, and can quickly charge and support video and audio transmission. Advantages, consumers will also be more convenient to use, the new Type-C connector is expected to meet the market demand and lay the foundation for the future USB version.

In general, the trend of Type-C industry is clear, but there are certain technical thresholds for designing USB3.0 and USB3.1 two-sided pluggable connectors and transmission lines with a speed of 5Gbps, especially in the production and assembly of wires. Need a certain process ability.