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US Amazon Has New Regulations For Type-c Data Lines, How Should Chinese Manufacturers Respond?
Jun 29, 2018

Following the demolition of the treasure and the investigation of the charger, the United States Amazon has started rectifying the Type-C data line. Recently, the news was obtained, "The new Amazon regulations, Type-C data lines need to pass UL certification."

Recently, Amazon has introduced a UL 9990 certification standard for Type-C cables, and requires all data lines on the platform to pass this certification, otherwise it will be removed.

2 UL 9990 certification for Typoe-C cables includes seven tests including VW-1 flame test, 12mm flame test, power cord pull test, bend test, standard temperature test, insulation withstand test, and fault current test.

What are the prerequisites for UL 9990 certification?

Type-C wire to UL 9990 certification is not just as simple as the above seven tests. Before performing this certification, the Type-C terminal of the cable must first be certified by the USB-IF Association and obtain the corresponding TID number. In other words, Amazon's Type-C wire requires at least two certifications, which imposes higher requirements on Type-C suppliers of wire rods. The introduction of this policy by Amazon will result in a number of connector manufacturers in China facing a reduction in orders, and manufacturers that have already obtained the TID number of the association will become the scent in the supply chain in the short term.

Which UL certification agencies are more appropriate?

With regard to UL certification organizations, at present, Amazon has announced 13 designated UL certification organizations including Intertek, ANSECO AI, CTI, BV, MTS, MET, etc. It is recommended that each manufacturer can select the appropriate authorized certification body according to their own needs for relevant Certification.

What do you think about the new certification rules for Amazon's Type-C cable?