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USB connector to verify which is the focus?
Apr 04, 2018

USB connector to verify which is the focus? The early low-speed connectors do not need to provide a large number of signal transmissions. The electrical performance of the connector requires only direct current conduction or not, and the mechanical performance is a key test point, such as insertion force, insertion/extraction life, terminal retention force, and contact resistance. Test and so on. In the era of high-speed connectors, the purpose of the connector was originally to only require the current to conduct to a large number of signals, and the focus on measurement also increased the characteristic impedance, transmission delay, transmission delay, attenuation, crosstalk, etc. Test items.

USB connector

   With the proliferation of transmission data, high-frequency connectors such as HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB 3.1 Type-C have been launched in succession, and the transmission speed of connectors has also been increased from Mbps to Gbps. When the signal speed continues to increase, how to reduce noise interference has become an important issue, so the single-wire transmission architecture is gradually converted to twisted-pair mode, even in the form of coaxial lines, in order to reduce the noise itself and improve the ability to resist external interference; However, because of the high-speed transmission of multiple or multiple pairs of signals at the same time, the cross-talk test was also included in one of the verification projects.

   In addition, along with the development trend of miniaturized products, the demand for wire rods that are lighter and more coilable in the cable sets used in conjunction with connectors has increased, and the core wire diameters are bound to become finer. The smaller the wire diameter, the smaller the conductor, the high-frequency signal transmitted online will be subject to the loss of signal power caused by the characteristics of the conductor itself. In order to effectively control the loss of the transmission line will not affect the quality, the measurement of insertion loss and reflection loss is also One of the verified items.

   Lightweight and short and fast and with a large number of data transmission requirements are inevitable trends in the development of connectors in the future. The connector industry has moved away from the traditional mode of mechanical processing toward the development of microwave components and high-frequency characteristics, measurement and analysis of the existing connector industry In terms of terms, it still requires a lot of research manpower.