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Usb Data Line Interface Function Analysis
Apr 10, 2018

Today, more and more electronic devices, but most of the interfaces are basically unified, usb data line interface as a component of its role can not be underestimated. In general, we often have lines for data transmission. We can transfer the data on a mobile device to a computer or indeed a device. It can be said that the role of this line is very large. In fact, in this family, it has many other uses, let's take a look at the USB data line interface function analysis.

One, usb data line can be used to connect various electronic devices, in the absence of network conditions to achieve data transfer, backup, data synchronization and other purposes. This is an important use of the USB data line interface, especially for data backup and synchronization, which is of great significance for modern data security. Under certain conditions, in order to prevent information from being intercepted, we cannot use the network to transmit data. Therefore, backup and synchronization of the data must be transmitted through the line at this time to ensure security.

Second, usb data lines can be used to charge the device. This function is now used most often by us, and it is also irreplaceable because charging is always connected by wires. Our current state of the art does not support wireless charging. Using this kind of wire to connect mobile devices and power is an inevitable choice.

Third, usb data lines can be used to brush machine. This is a professional line, which is generally used in the place where the mobile phone is maintained after sale. The general interface requirements for the line used as a flashing machine are the COM model. This special purpose line cannot be replaced by the line of a general interface. Only use this type of line in the brush machine to ensure the safety of equipment and data security, which can be said to be a special use case of USB data line interface.