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USB Socket Manufacturer May Pay Attention To The Circuit Device
Apr 03, 2018

1. UsB socket manufacturer all kinds of line displacement of renovation, should first determine the orientation of the line terminal socket, and mark in metope draw the accurate orientation and scale, and then to the nearest similar socket lead, lead the way is: if the socket on the top of the wall, the wall straight slot, up to the top of the wall unit in line decorate horn line device;If it is in the lower part of the wall, go straight down to the bottom of the device skirting board.The groove is about 15 mm deep, and the wire conductor is put into the protective sleeve, and it lies in the wall of the wall, and the cement mortar is used to smooth it, so that the country is fixed in the wall.The stone is the original socket to be saved, then the redevice is in the original position, if not saved, then use the brick to fill up, with cement mortar to smooth.Along the ground wire, in the device baseboard, lie on the bottom inside of the baseboard, along the top Angle of the conductor, in the device decoration line, the shade is in the interior of the decoration Angle.

2. The construction standard of the circuit reconstruction project should be in common with the groove depth, and the top of the groove should be straight. After the control line is raised on the wall, the wall shall be cut open with a marble machine, and the groove will be opened manually.It is necessary to add a protective sleeve to the line device. The connection of the casing should be tight and smooth, and the inside of the corner should be cut.After wire into the casing, should use wire fixed clamp, fixed to the wall and metope, first to plaster shade or decorate with Ji baseboard, shade horn line.The device of the socket box should first open the hole in the wall, the wire will be inserted into the box, the wire box will be fixed in the hole, the wire will be fixed with the panel, and the panel will be fixed on the wire box.The method of device power switch is in common with socket box.

Wires should be made of copper wire and equipped with capacity.Not too fine.UsB socket manufacturer claims that the air conditioner's wire diameter is 4 square meters;The socket USES a 2.5 square millimeter wire;Usually a 1.5-square-meter electric wire is used for lighting fixtures.Wire, wiring except through the hollow floor, it is necessary to wear a sample tube voltage wire such as flare path and telephone line, TV can't wear in the same tube: power socket panel should be left line above the zero line, phase line to the right, no wrong;Zero line, phase line, ground line USES different color electric wire 4 wiring to use concealed conduit wiring construction, when electric wiring, dark pipe is laid need to use PVC tube, open line is laid need to use PVC line groove.During construction, the wall cracks should be prevented from being gouged, which will damage the layout of the wall.When laying, it should be changed according to the number of wear in the tube. In the same tube, no more than four of them will be declared, and all the space in the tube will be filled.Air conditioning, lighting and socket should be operated in a separate way, usually at least four roads.The lighting goes all the way, the air conditioner goes all the way, the socket takes three to four roads.The point is that once a circuit has a short circuit or other problems, the power failure is small and does not affect the normal operation of the other roads.The distance between the power line and the cable should be greater than 50 cm, and the pipeline should be determined with the layout.All switches, sockets and lamps should be installed in the junction box.In addition, if the tube is passing long or turning too much, the interval must be spaced to set a junction box.There is no wire connection in the pipeline.The bend of the wire maintenance tube should be used with supporting elbow or supporting elbow, and should not be folded.Distribution control switch should be properly equipped according to the standard requirements.It is not convenient to use the equipment too small, too large to ensure the safety of electricity.It is also important that the pipeline should be installed in the construction, and then the wire should be worn, so as to prevent the appearance of the conductor being unable to move when changing the line in the future.Also remind you that when your home decoration project is completed, don't forget to ask the construction unit for a complete set of electrical wiring drawings so that you can repair it later.