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USB Type-C Cable
Oct 30, 2017

Nokia N1 in the official announcement of the time, the official said the product will support the latest Type-C USB interface, but did not cause enough attention to the outside world. But it seems that Nokia N1 on this feature has high expectations, so once again in the official Twitter account once again stressed this feature. [1] 

Nokia wrote on Twitter: "Nokia N1 uses a double-sided plug-in Type-C interface, which will greatly facilitate the use of the user."

Most people may not know what Type-C pluggable interface is like, but the industry believes that this feature once in the mobile device on the universal, will be welcomed by everyone. [1] 

March 9, 2015, in the United States held a new Apple conference, the new MacBook for the first time on the laptop power interface, USB interface, DP interface, HDMI interface and VGA interface with a USB-C to carry, this is USB-C technology for the first time in consumer-level notebook applications. With the arrival of Type-C connectors, data transmission will be more convenient. USB-C biggest feature is positive and negative can be inserted! [3]

August 1, 2015, Teke core launched the world's first Type-C interface, mobile solid-state hard drive. SSD provides the latest Type-C interface, support USB interface, double-sided insert. Tektronix mobile solid-state hard drive is also divided into flagship and standard-level two products, the flagship is undoubtedly faster and more reliable, biased business or fever-type users. While the standard-level products for the mainstream public users, but the actual transmission speed is also amazing.