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USB2.0 And 3.0 Differences
Sep 26, 2017

1. USB3.0 of the data bandwidth is USB2.0 10 times times, can reach 5gb/s (480MB/S), synchronous transmission bandwidth can also reach 384mb/s, this is USB3. One of the main differences between 0 and 2.0;

2. Low power consumption (in division data transmission is about 0 lower than USB2.25% power consumption);

3. USB3.0:2 more energy-saving, for the temporary waiting state of equipment, you can use power-saving mode;

4. USB3.0 can provide greater power through cables (2.5W to 4.5W);

5. USB3.0 is backward-compatible and supports USB2.0 devices, but USB2.0 does not support USB3.0.