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USB3.0 Why So Fast?
Sep 26, 2017

According to USB3.0 Data line manufacturers understand that, from the USB3.0 interface, it is in addition to the USB2.0 interface of 4 metal contacts, the internal addition of 5 smaller new contacts. At the same time, in addition to the use of copper as a transmission medium, USB3.0 interface and USB3.0 Data cable can also support the fiber transmission function, the transmission speed of fiber output is obvious to all.

It is understood that, after the use of fiber optic connections, USB3.0 speed can reach 20 times or even 30 times USB2.0. Undoubtedly, the final purpose of USB3.0 data transmission is not limited to the rate of 4.8Gbps, but hope for the future further breakthrough the limit speed, along with the comprehensive application of the optical fiber wire, USB3.0 will get higher transmission speeds, extended application in the mainstream products will further show the future.