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Use The Data Line Charging Pile With Caution
Mar 28, 2018

The mobile phone was out of power. However, when I left, I forgot to bring my charger and data cable. What should I do? Recently, a kind of public charging pile in a big city has been lit. This kind of charging pile has its own data cable. The buddies dont need to bring anything. Connecting the data cable directly can charge the phone. Many partners expressed their envy. Remember to say, do not envy, this kind of charge pile security risk greatly, use with caution!

Where are the hidden dangers of this charging pile? CCTV Financial Channel has done relevant tests. In the test video, after a mobile phone user connects a charging pile, his own private photos can be easily obtained by others, his own mobile phone can also be used by others to send text messages, and even his own bank card is consumed by others to buy movie tickets. Think about it. Terror!

What happened to all this? The police analyzed the principle of charging pile intrusion: the mobile phone connects the charging pile—the charging pile transmits the malicious software to the mobile phone through the USB cable—the mobile phone pops up the authorization prompt window—click trust—the malware installs into the mobile phone to obtain the mobile phone permission—the hacker controls the mobile phone through the remote command—to obtain Phone privacy.

Taking Android's mobile phone as an example, "USB debugging mode" believes Android users are no strangers. In this mode, with the help of a debugging tool on your computer, you can run the instructions to control the phone. With this kind of data cable charging post, if a computer equipped with a mobile phone debugging tool is connected behind the hacker, as long as the hacker taps the corresponding instruction code, he can easily take control of the mobile phone.

The police reminded that when the mobile phone accesses the mobile phone charging pile, if the charging pile needs permission requests, it will be rejected, including USB debugging and equipment trust; the mobile phone charging pile has to provide sockets, try to use a socket for charging; when using the charging pile, it will Shutdown the equipment; it is best to carry the charging treasure with you. Try not to use the public charging point with your own data cable. You can charge the charging treasure first and then charge the mobile phone.