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What Are The Benefits Of USB Type-C Encryption Authentication?
Apr 12, 2018

Following the introduction of the encrypted authentication data cable by Apple, the USB Developer Forum USB-IF has officially launched the USB Type-C certification specification. This software protocol can establish a security defense for USB Type-C products and ensure the use of non-compatible USB Type- When the C cable is charged, it will not cause damage to the product, which will greatly reduce the chance of damaging the device due to substandard USB Type-C data cables.

USB Type-C data cable

According to the USB Type-C certification specification, the USB-IF will establish an internal certificate communication verification mechanism for each USB Type-C data line, charger, and device that conforms to the standard. The certificate uses 128-bit encryption to prevent cracking. There is a dedicated charge-only data transmission mode. When it is used, the device will verify the digital certificate in the USB Type-C cable and determine whether it meets the relevant technology and safety standards by confirming the power supply and other related information to prevent the device from being transmitted during data transmission or charging. Destruction, if the verification fails, it means that the USB Type-C cable cannot be used on the device.