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What Are The Errors In Charging Your Phone In The Car?
Mar 31, 2018

More and more people join the ranks of the lower-bearers, and the lack of power for mobile phones is the "end of the world." The USB interface in the car is simply a savior, but charging in the car is not as simple as everybody imagined. Today, I would like to say what is wrong with charging a mobile phone in a car.

Car charger

USB interface will be able to charge?

There are many car USB interfaces to transmit audio data. The current of the car's USB interface is both 5v/2.1A and 5V/0.5A. The input current required by many mobile phones is 5V/1A. Of course, the 5v/2.1A car USB has no problem. At this time, it can input 1A to the mobile phone and can input 2A to the tablet. If it is 5V/0.5A, it is obvious that the current will not reach the standard. In this case, charging the mobile phone not only takes a long time, but also makes the phone hot.

Turn off the car to charge?

The car charger is a car charger, a kind of 5V that can change the 12V of the cigarette lighter into USB, and can charge the mobile phone and the tablet; there is also a way to convert the 12V DC of the cigarette lighter into 220V AC and connect it with the power strip. It can then be used on low-power appliances. However, there is no need to turn off the car charger as soon as it is turned off, because as long as there are no connected mobile phones, ipad, etc., these electronic devices have no current output, and even if they are, they can be neglected.

Car charger USB interface more current?

It is estimated that this statement is only "stupid white sweet" and not very easy to learn physics talent will believe that, after all, when they learned in the middle school I (current) = U (voltage) / R (resistance), so the size of the current and voltage There is a relationship, and it doesn't matter how many USB ports are connected or not.