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What Is The Data Line Of The Samsung Note 7 Mobile Phone?
Apr 24, 2018

Samsung as the world's three major brands of mobile phone operators, every new action will be the world's attention, because the Type C interface was introduced for some time, many mobile phone companies have launched a mobile phone with Type C interface, and Samsung still uses MicroUSB Interface, when people think that Samsung will not use the new Type C interface, the Samsung Note7 data cable uses the Type C interface, which is always unpredictable, but in the end it responds to market demand.

Type C interface is the most popular mobile phone design at present, this interface is much easier to use than the traditional MicroUSB interface, after all, it can be inserted positive and negative. However, as the number one smartphone manufacturer, Samsung has yet to adopt this design, and its newest Galaxy S7 series still uses the MicroUSB interface.

As to why Samsung is stubborn, according to rumors that Samsung is considering the compatibility of its own Gear VR device, Samsung does not want the Type C interface to break the compatibility of current Samsung devices. However, all this will become history on the Samsung Note7, according to the latest news, Samsung will be equipped with Type C interface for this phone.

Samsung Note7 will be equipped with a large 5.7-inch screen, so it can not consider Gear VR compatibility issues, because Gear VR only supports 5.7-inch screen, that is, Samsung Note7 do not have to consider the compatibility of the current device, naturally It is also possible to use Type-C without stress.