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What Is The Difference Between An Industrial Power Adapter And A PC Power Adapter
Sep 27, 2018

        Industrial power supply:

        The development direction of industrial power supply is high frequency, high reliability, low consumption, low noise and anti-intervention. The high frequency of industrial power supply is the direction of its development. The high frequency makes the switching power supply miniaturized, and the industrial power supply enters a wider application limit. It is quite an application in the high-tech experience limit, which promotes the development of switching power supply. The growth rate of more than two digits is developing in the direction of light, small, thin, low noise, high reliability and anti-intervention.

        The home uses two-phase electricity, 220 volts, and industrial electricity is generally three-phase 380 volts. There are several advantages to the industrial 3-phase: two-phase power cannot start the motor (you need to use the starting capacitor), the three wires can be activated, and the direction of rotation can be changed. The 3-phase voltage is high, and the use of high-power appliances can prevent the current from being excessively high and generating heat.


        Three-phase power :

        In detail, everyone knows that when the coil rotates in a magnetic field, the wire cutting magnetic field line will generate an induced electromotive force, and its variation law can be expressed by a sinusoidal curve. Suppose that each of the three coils is at an angle of 120 degrees in the local orientation. The three coils still rotate at the same speed in the magnetic field, and will induce three induced electromotive forces of the same frequency. Because the three coils are at an angle of 120 degrees from the local azimuth, the resulting current is also a three-phase sinusoidal change called a three-phase sinusoidal alternating current.


        Industrial power adopts three-phase power supply, such as three-phase AC motor. In simple terms, the two-phase is a fire-zero line, and the three-phase four-wire is a three-fire-zero line. In the three-phase, the voltage between the live line and the live line is 380V, but the voltage between any of the live and neutral lines is 220V. That is to say, the electricity used by the household can be matched with any of the three-phase wires. in use.

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