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What Is The Difference Between The 2A Data Cable And The 1A Data Cable?
May 25, 2018

     Do you know the difference between a 2A data cable and a 1A data cable? The output current of data line 2A is greater than that of 1A. If the output current of the original charger of your mobile phone is 1A, then the 1A data line is used. If you use the 2A data cable, you will find that the charging time is shortened, the phone is hot when charging, the battery of the mobile phone may swell up, the battery life is shortened, and there is a potential safety problem when charging, generally 1A and 2A within a short time The difference between data lines is not great. However, a good mobile phone has a charging protection circuit inside, even if the 2A data cable is used on a 1A phone, it's okay. It is best to use the original charger and data cable. Because there are lock codes inside some data lines, different mobile phones cannot be mixed.

What is the difference between the 2A data cable and the 1A data cable?

     The difference between 1A and 2A is that the maximum overcurrent is not the same, mainly for the convenience of some emergency mobile phone users, and the charger with 2A line +1.5A or above can quickly charge the mobile phone! 1A takes about 2 hours! 2A can fully charge your mobile phone in less than an hour!

     The difference between the charging data line currents 2A and 1A is that when the same charger is used to charge the same battery, the charging time of 2A is faster than that of 1A.

Difference between charging data line current 2A and 1A

     At present, most mobile phones and mobile power supplies have relatively large amounts of electricity, and the currents that they can withstand during charging are relatively large, which can effectively shorten the charging time. Moreover, the output current of the charger is relatively large and can reach 2.5A. When the same charger uses the charging data lines of 2A and 1A, the charging data line of 1A can only pass a current of 1A at most, and the 2A charging data line can satisfy the requirement. The current of 2A passes and is double that of the 1A charging data line. It can be seen that the performance of the 2A charging data line is stronger than that of the 1A, which can effectively increase the charging speed.